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I’m here to write down my thoughts and shamelessly plug my freelance writing services! Notebook and writing pen//PxHere//CC0 1.0

It’s about time that I started my own blog. Not to tell you my favourite foods, or to show you all the funny things my dog gets up to, but to express my creative and professional flair to interested clients, fellow writers, and innocent passers-by who are looking to ignite their hearts and minds.

The plan is to cover topics that are relevant to the freelance writing game. Expect tips for writers and freelancers who are starting up, advice for professionals who are struggling to gain traction, and posts that explain my ethos and work processes to clients, so that they might understand more about what they are paying for, and why their money is well spent.

I also intend to mix it up by shamelessly publishing my own ‘thoughts for the day’. I am a philosopher at heart; a mystic; a word wizard who happens to think about more than just grammar and syntax. My thoughts are meandering, my voice shouts loud with the chords of dissent. Expect wacky stuff from the deepest recesses of my mind, sprinkled in with more formal essays on what it means to be a freelance writer.

  • For Clients: enjoy blog posts explaining the writing and freelancing process, learn about my values and methods, and see examples of work to understand what you are paying for.

  • For Freelancers: find advice and discussions about working for yourself, managing time, enjoying the lifestyle, and much more. Take it from someone who has done it!

  • For Everyone Else: revel in the ramblings of a madman, and get your mind ticking over with outrageous and dangerous ideas that the world would rather you didn’t think about.

Of course, blogs change and evolve over time just like people do, and so I don’t expect the reality to fall into line with my early expectations about writing one. I do hope that I will be able to keep up a regular pace of at least one blog post a week at first, probably more later on, and that these posts will entertain, enlighten and uplift the reader.

Enjoy the writing, and please feel free to contact me if anything you read makes you happy, angry, or more inclined to purchase my freelance writing services. I’m happy to help!

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